No inverter, no magnets, no gearbox- wind turbine power train with SimplWind generator

Vlado Dr. Ostovic
University of Applied Sciences, Saarbruecken, Germany


A new power train concept for wind turbine power train is presented, which requires no frequency inverter and no gearbox in order to produce electricity from wind. The power train is built around a VarSyn generator, a unique polyphase machine which operates synchronized to a power system at any speed of rotation. A VarSyn generator can be built without permanent magnets. The advantages of the proposed concept are numerous, from lower investment costs, over improved relibility to increased profit of a wind park operator.


The performance of a VarSyn generator was simulated by means of time step FE- model and compared with results obtained on a machine model.


Both the FE simulation and measurements on the model confirm that the proposed VarSyn generator can convert wind energy into electricity at arbitrary speed of rotation without need for a frequency inverter and gearbox.


The proposed power train with a VarSyn generator offers to offshore wind parks operators a possibility to significantly decrease investment costs and substantially increase reliability. Its simple principle of operations is a decisive advantage over conventional wind turbines with complex power electronics devices and/or vulnerable gearboxes.


Power train with a VarSyn generator offers wind park operators a unique opportunity to choose a simple, cost effective and especially high reliable concept which has a potential to significantly reduce maintenance work on offshore units.