Optimization of offshore platform transformers - how can they support LCOE targets?

Pawel Prylinski
ABB Sp. z o.o., Lodz, Poland


Transformers are key electrical components to collect wind power, connect to the grid and transmit it through the electricity network. The quality of transformers has a major impact on the availability of wind power generation as well as on reliability of the whole network.

So what are the challenges today in deploying the optimal transformer solutions to ensure the highest quality and stability of electricity supply and at the same time to support the initiatives to reduce the levelized cost of offshore wind energy ?


The total cost of ownership (TCO) of transformers incorporates the various costs over the lifetime of the transformer such as the initial product cost, cost of delivery and assembly and installation, cost of operation (losses) and costs of maintenance. And specifically for offshore applications - the size and the weight of the transformers have a huge impact on the size, weight and the costs of the offshore platform steel structure and its foundations.

ABB has developed a technical and economic optimization process to minimize the transformer TCO and in cooperation with systems integrators and platform builders is supporting optimization of offshore substations and consequently helping the optimization of platforms and foundations.


 This presentation lists various transformer design factors, key size, weight and costs drivers and highlights possible solutions to optimize transformers in order to ensure energy-efficient and reliable transformation of wind power and also to support systems integrators and platform builders to optimize the offshore substation as a whole.

It reviews problems, challenges and possible solutions to reduce the LCOE through using the most appropriate transformer technologies combined with using advanced transformer design and optimization tools.


Optimization of transformers can play a key role in reaching the ambitious LCOE targets.

ABB has developed an optimization process to support all offshore wind power stakeholders in reaching their common LCOE goal.

This offering is the result of our own research, development, design and manufacturing.


There are various transformer design drivers which have huge impact on performance, weight and size and costs.

The offshore transformer optimization process is available to achieve energy-efficiency, availability and reliability of wind power in the most cost-effective way.