New solutions for offshore wind grid access

Peter Menke 1, Michael Lim2, Thorsten Steinhoff1, Chris Baines2
1Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany, 2Siemens STDL, Manchester, UK


This paper gives an overview of new approaches for offshore wind grid access with a focus on HVDC.
It includes:
- simplified AC platforms on WTG foundations
- diode rectifier HVDC system
- HVDC platforms with direct connection of the WTG via 66kV



Comparison of various KPIs and achieved improvments.


Pros and Cons, achived savings in terms of platform topside size and weight and costs.
Installations and operational benefits


With new solutions major costs savings are feasible, enable an LCoE of offshore wind, which is competetive with other energy sources, also for farms distant from shore.
This is an important contribution to secure a sustainable future of the offshore wind industry.


How grid connection can become more cost effective in the future.