The Hywind Risk Management Experience: From Hywind Demo to Pilot Park

Arve Sandve
Lloyd's Register, Oslo, Norway


The aim of the paper is to showcase the work of Total Risk Analysis including the emergency preparedness analysis (TRA) performed for Statoil's Hywind Scotland Pilot Park project.


The paper will present the different methodologies applied to identify and characterize all risks at facility level, and the quantification of the risk level for people and assets. Where quantification was not possible, a qualitative description of the risk was applied. 


Based on relevant frequency/probability estimation and consequence modelling, the project established the risk picture both for the Hywind Pilot Park and the nearby facilities due to the development of the project. Further, based on the identified risks as presented during the Total Risk Analysis, the project also included the development of defined situations of hazards and accidents (DSHAs) as part of an Emergency Preparedness Analysis (EPA) for the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park. Based on the DSHA list, the projects described the relevant scenario for the accident, the emergency response resources available (physical and organizational) and the area resources.


The presentation will present the risk picture and applied emergency scenarioes as well as the challenges with the application of qualitative and quantitative risk assessment in offshore wind.


The presentation will demonstrate to what extend similar work for the Hywind Demo projects was utilized to develop a full risk and emergency preparedness picture for the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park.